What Is The Worst Thing About Owning A Cat?

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worst thing about owning a cat

Cats bring tons of joy, love, and companionship in to our lives. But they can also bring other “stuff”. There is always bad with the good.

So…Dr. Debra tossed out a poll a few weeks ago and asked cat lovers – What is the worst thing about owning a cat. The goal is NOT to deter anyone from getting a pet but to be educated about the pros and cons to make sure a cat is the right fit for them.

Over 5,800 cat lovers responded and the results were as follows:

What is the worst thing about owning a cat?%
Cat hair15
Inappropriate urination or spraying13
Destroying/scratching furniture12
Having to scoop the litter box10
Cost of medical care10
Other answer10
Litter box odors10
Waking you up6
Finding location for litter box4
Loud meowing3
Wanting to go outside3
Cost of cat food2
Allergies to cat2
Other pet odors1

There was a large number that said other. These were the responses:

Other “worst things about owning a cat” that was not on the list


  • rochelle hamblin – People who did not vote on inapprop. elimination or spraying must never have had this problem. They can destroy floors with pee!
  • Sue – Cat fur is the worst, do not wear black or any type of fleece! No matter how much you brush them & vacuum, cat hair is a major problem on all the family’s clothes.
  • Marjan Swantek – I vacuum,brush,comb hair, but my current Rescue from PHS sheds more than any other cat I’ve had! I have cat hair on me wherever I sit & I’d like 2 find something that would help with the shedding???? She eats DRY food (won’t touch wet) tho, we share Yogurt B4 bedtime. She drinks lots of water & creates clumps well. Teeth seem OK & she uses her litter box. She’s 6 yrs old & we R Both Srs. so we R good company! MY last cat (a Cymric, I bred from 2 SH Manx) lived 26 yrs. & died in his sleep of heart failure. SamMe, my current cat is a plushy Domestic Shorthair (Patched Tabby & White) with thick hair, & we live in SoCal where it IS Warmer Weather, most of the time! I’d shed, 2!
  • Mimi Sabo- Our one male cat, a large tabby, is outside for about four to six hours a day in good weather because that’s where we found him four years ago, starving. We had him spayed and kept him in most of the time, but he was miserable inside with our other cats and dog, so we let him out on nice days. The terrible part about this is that there are other male strays and other outdoor cats in our area and they fight constantly. I find that so nervewracking, however, if he is always kept in, he wrecks the furniture…..so it’s the lesser of two evils ……. maybe.
  • Mnfurball – Other than cat hair and urinating outside of a litter box, the worst possible thing is having to say Goodbye when the end of their life is near. I can put up with a lot and have had floors ruined, walls torn up, tomcats spraying walls and starting fires, but the worst part, for me, is their death.
  • Marsha – My daughter and I have taken in and spay or neutered 30 cats. We have kept some or found homes for them. I wish I could afford to do this with every cat I see outside. I also wish cat owners would spay or neuter their pets. Cat owners should also keep their cats INDOORS. There is no reason for a cat to be outside. Cats are perfectly happy inside. There are terrible things that could happen to them. People are the one thing cat owners should fear. There are a lot of people who don’t like cats. Guess what happens when they find yours? I have heard or experienced such horrible things due to the hatred or stupidity of people. Feral cats make wonderful pets. I took in one cat that would try to bite or scratch me and would growl or hiss for 9 months. She is one of my sweetest and friendly cats I have now. After they have been taken to a vet and checked out they seem to be healthier than other cats. At least that has been my experience. Even after having lived outside for part of their life they are very happy to remain indoors.
  • Carol I solved the “inappropriate urinating” problem with my two kitties by (1) adding a third litter box and (2) being scrupulous about cleaning out the litter twice a day. They’re short-haired brothers, and they shed very little — I think because I brush them regularly and also because I feed them on schedule and don’t leave food out for them between mealtimes. (Try it for a month and see if it makes a difference to the health of your cat’s coat.)



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