What type of gift do you plan to buy for your cat this holiday? – Poll Results

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What do cat lovers plan to buy their pets for Christmas? We did a poll and here are the results!

{begin row}ID tag0.61%

Cat tree8.69%
Scratching post5.77%
Grooming supplies
such as nail clipper or brush
Litter box/litter1.28%
Crate or pet taxi0.61%
Other answer14.03%

Other ideas from our petplace cat lovers

“Pets unlimited gift card”
“everything except necessities: collar, litter, crate, id tag, grooming products”
“water fountain”
“bird feeder”
“tuna, water bed, roller skates and jackson gets the skateboard!”
“none “for this holiday”- because i buy my cats “gifts” all the time, all year round”
“homemade toys stuffed with catnip”
“microchip and drinking waterfall fountain”
“tree, post, beds, toys”
“cat video”
“carpeted kitty tunnel”
“a roll of toilet paper for each of my two cats”
“toys ”
“treats and scratching pad refill”
“automatic water fountain”
“santa coller”
“mouse in the house”
“they’ve been bad and arent getting anything! ;-)”
“treats ”
“multiple, including cat furniture, treats, toys”
“toys and treats!”
“alot of what is on your list but it only allows for one selection.”
“filters for water bowl”
“bed, toy, treats (should have been able to pick more than one ! :)”
“laser pointer-they love it!!”
“food, toys, litter boxes, collars..i love my babies!!!”
” a lot of love”
“new blanket”
“cat playhouse box (city place)-foster and smith”
“card board box”
“toys ”
“princess pillows”
“all the above”
“our kids are getting toys, bed mat, scatching post and cat tunnels”
“combination of the above”
“toy, bed scrathcing post”
“most of the above…”
“his favorite! – catnip”
“toys!!! :)”
“cat stroller”
“multiple…treats ”
“lots of tlc time as i will be off–they already own the home! Lol”
“treats, toys, catnip”
“cat cottage”
“everything-new kitties”
“most of the above”
“toys, food and treats”
“catnip ”
“harness and leash”
“not sure yet”
“flowing water bowl”
“a few of the above”
“money donation to the local cat shelter!”
“donate to an animal rescue in his name”
“wet food”
“for my 3 babies every day is christmas! {:^)”
“window perch”
“cat stocking”
“spend time w/her”
“donation to animal shelter… My cat already has it all!”
“extra play time”
“bed, toy, collar, treats”
“window veranda”
“bed, treats and toy”
“several different items”
“toys, treats, tree”
“fill his stocking with toys and treats, also a warm soft baby blanket”
“donation to pet charity.”
“catnip filled ball”
“most of the above”
“building cat condos on the back porch”
“light pen”
“window seat for bird watching”
“fleece blankets/throw”
“treats, toys and scratching post!”
“donate money to animal shelter”
“scratching pad”
“waterfall water dish”
“toy mouses, couch, and other cat toys to add to their toybox”
“can of tuna”
“scratching post and treats”
“7 nights at the pussy hilton”
“peace and quiet”
“toys that each one of our cats would like: each kitty, each different likes, prefer”
“id tag and toys”
“nothing this year ;-(”
“no buy, will play with them all day with their existing extensive toy collection”
“make him a kitty jungle gym”
“several from above”
“petco treats ”
“all 7 get 2 toys and treats in their stockings”
“misc items – including several of the above”
“treats toys and maybe a tree”
“cat condo”
“automatic water bow;”
“new kitty tower”
“dvd for kitties”
“window door”
“coupon for spaying”
“a play pal kitty”
“toy ”
“they love wrapping paper the most!”
“laser light”
“nothing, because they have everything already”
“new food dish”
“throw for chair cover”
“cat nip”
“cat grass, fountain, bowl”
“donate to animal shelter”
“treats ”
“fish and bird dvd”
“cat grass”
“nothing. Their gift is that i took them in and give them a great home every day.”
“all of the above”
“paw stocking with toys and treats”
“they have everything..holiday every day.”
“toys, treats, collars id tag, cat tree”
“waterfall drinking fountain”
“self-heating cushion”
“diet pepsi boxes and packaging since they like that better than any toy out there”
“a muzzle for the dog, so that she can hang out without fear of being grabbed.”
“nice fish!”
“birdfeeder and heated bird bath”
“bowl for the stray we’re feedling too”
“cat nip”
“i guess i spoil my cats, they will get several of the above listed items.”
“several items on this list”
“just another kitty, maine coon”
“don’t know. She gets things all the time. Christmas for her is no different than”
“treats and toys”
“all of the above”
“cat nip plants”
“toys and treats”
“cat nip and treats”
“catnip products”
“every day is christmas for her!”
“nothing. It’s a cat!!”
“empty boxes”
“box with crinkly paper”
“make gift forbaby”
“cat tunnel”
“we built them an outdoor exercise and lounging area”
“catnip pizza”
“i stuff their stockings with 100 mini mice each and pour loose catnip and shake ”
“stocking full of toys treats favorite food and cat nip.”
“lots of various things-treats,toys,vitamins,a hideaway,collars etc.”
“i have 6 rescues and the all are addicted to cat nip!”
“a new buddy to replace the one we lost. She is lonely.”
“cat nip”
“treats, scratching post and litter box”
“a real christmas tree to climb and enjoy”
“nothing different”
“my cats get many catnip toys and loose catnip … They love it”
“with 80 cats-a few will get a trip to the vet and hopefully some iams cat food i”
“bed heaters for old kitties”
“chanukah gift”
“i take care of 30 feral catsthat live on a busy street.i ‘m asking for speed bu”
“heated bed”
“kitty nip”
“fish tank”
“cardboard scratchers”
“window perch”
“nothing, they get gifts all year”
“i;m making braided to and catnip mice”
“i make catnip toys for the cats”
“yeowww catnip toys”
“toys, cat tree”
“treats and toys”
“new catnip”
“pet insurance”
“a bed, toys, and treats”
“i make catnip cat toys”
“i make organic catnip stuffed toys for each and wrap them in tissue paper.”
“giant cat stocking full of toys”
“quality catnip”
“donation to cat rescue”
“a can of wet food and a toy”
“nothing – i give them a good home and there are 24 of them”
“cat water fountain”
“6 of the above”
“laser light”
“big noisy marbles!”


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