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What’s Your Cat’s Sign?

Ever wonder what astrological sign your cat is? Does your young tabby act wild like a typical Gemini? Is your Siamese a “me-first” Aries? Well, that pet of yours may have a personality that is affected by more than their age or breed. Like people, astrology (the position of planets) can play a role in pets’ behavior and may indeed affect pet affairs.

If you can determine what sign your pet is, it can help you to learn how to cope with your four-legged companion’s personality traits and will lead to a happier and healthier life for both of you. To find out which sun sign (and other astrological clues) fits your pet, read on…

Find Out Your Pet Pal’s Birthday

For starters, if you have a pedigree cat you can thank your lucky stars. Because the odds are good that if Fluffy has papers, the birth date of your pet is already documented for you. If you purchase a purebred Persian from a breeder, for example, just look at the Registration Certificate. You’ll find the date above Date Of Birth, e.g. Feb. 25, 2005. Then you will know that your cat is a Pisces.

But since the most popular of all cats has no pedigree you may have to play detective in order to find out when your pet was born. One black and white feral mixed-breed cat, for instance, was born under a house. A feline organization rescued it. One year later, the cat was adopted by an astrology buff who soon inquired about its birth date. The rescuers counted back 12 months. The cat was born in early summer and was believed to be a Cancer (June 22-July 23).

If you end up adopting an animal shelter cat, chances are less likely of finding out your pet’s exact astrological sign. But if the animal is part of a litter (just weaned at six weeks) you can also count back in time. (If it is November 20th go back to October 6th and kiss your Libra pet hello.)

The glitch is, plenty of people are clueless about the birth dates of their pets (perhaps because they were strays or adopted as adults at a shelter). The good news is, you can still decode your pet’s sign by knowing the characteristics of astrological signs and deciding which traits best fit your feline companion.

The Sun Signs and Pets

So what exactly is a Sun sign? Simply put, the sun travels around the earth once each year. Within the space of that year the Sun moves through 12 signs of the zodiac (a band of the celestial sphere that symbolizes the planets, moon, and sun). And, it’s these 12 signs of the zodiac which show traits that are key to your pet’s personality.

In astrological terms, the sun is considered a planet. It is also key to your pet’s horoscope (an astrological forecast of a pet’s future based on the planets and stars), and in many ways determines how others see your pet. The position of the Sun in your pet’s birth chart affects his individuality and general character. Is Sammie friendly? Does he cope with stress? Is he high strung or laid-back? The answers may be found in your pet’s Sun sign.

The 12 Sun signs (which may vary within a few days each month according to different astrologers) are divided into four groups which contain three signs. Each group, also known as triplicity, signifies an element: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water.

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius: active and passionate
Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn: practical and secure
Air Signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius: intelligent and talkative
Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces: emotional and sensitive

Your Four-legged Friend’s Traits

Aries: bold, athletic, adaptable, impatient and impulsive
Taurus: affectionate, patient, stubborn, strong-willed and quiet
Gemini: agile, alert, restless, vocal and fickle
Cancer: loyal, gentle, grumpy, clingy and devoted
Leo: fearless, energetic, dominant, demanding and gregarious
Virgo: shy, aloof, intelligent, charming and finicky
Libra: easygoing, peaceful, lovable, people-oriented and smart
Scorpio: responsive, independent, possessive, strong-willed and loving
Sagittarius: free-spirited, playful, amusing, curious and friendly
Capricorn: reserved, cold, territorial, good-natured and patient
Aquarius: independent, rebellious, people-oriented, aloof and outgoing
Pisces: touchy, devoted, sweet-natured, adaptable and unpredictable

Astrology Animal Talk

A cusp is the point at which a new astrological sign starts. When someone says my pet was “born on the cusp” he is referring to a birth time near the beginning and end of an astrological sign. For instance, if your cat was born on September 22, he is a Virgo (August 24-Sept. 23) born on the cusp of Libra, the sign that begins on September 24th. The consensus is that your pet was born on the cusp if his birthday is within the first five or last five days of a sign. And that’s not all.

While the Sun and Moon play a part in your pet’s personality, so do the planets: Mercury (the mind), Venus (love), Jupiter (great-heartedness), Saturn (discipline), Uranus (individuality), Neptune (sensitivity) and Pluto (change). What’s more, if you happen to know your pet’s exact birth date you can have a complete astrological chart done (just like people do for themselves) to find out how each planet plays a specific role in your pet’s life. An astrologer can do this for you.

2005 Pet Horoscopes

OK, now that you’ve got a handle on Pet Astrology Basics 101, there’s one more thing. While it helps to have a pedigree registration certificate in your paws to know your pet’s birthday – it’s not a must-have.

Because the fact remains, there are so many variables – from your pet’s Moon sign to Rising sign – that chances are, pets, like people, have several astrological signs affecting their personality. By reading “2005 Pet Horoscope” (which will include plenty of common Sun sign pet traits to guide pet owners) you can figure out which one best describes your cat. Most important, understanding your pet’s sign and horoscope will give you a deeper human-animal connection to your cat.