Whose Home is this, Anyway?

Do you ever wonder who exactly is running your home? We cat crazy people bend over backwards for our feline monarchs. It doesn’t take much to discover that they have taken over our homes as well our hearts. I just read a lovely story about a cat that has made her best friend’s home her world.

Fern Fitzharris in Saskatoon writes about making the decision to bring a cat into her home after a very tough few months. Fern’s mother had passed away and not long after she lost a wonderful horse that she had shared her life with for 18 years. She felt like she needed a new friend and some comfort. However, since she worked all day she worried about bringing a dog into her home and decided that a cat might be happy in her home.

Fern visited the local SPCA and fell in love with this big fluffy cat she met there. The problem was that she had always been allergic to cats and worried that a longhaired cat would really be hard on her allergies. Yet, she was hooked the moment she saw the handsome cat and on impulse adopted him anyway. It was a good thing too! She would later find out that he would have been put down that night.

She named him Mocha and he immediately acclimated to his new home. He wasn’t timid at all, exploring his new territory, charging up the stairs and demanding Fern’s immediate attention and affection. They’ve been buddies for three years now and Fern can’t imagine life without him.

Fern’s vet noted that Mocha was a Ragdoll cat, which Fern suspected. She couldn’t imagine why anyone would have given up such a big beautiful cat. In fact, her home has become his castle. Fern has realized that every room has toys and furniture that belong to Mocha and that this is way it should be!

Do have a wonderful cat that rules your kingdom? Be sure to share your story with us. We would love to hear it!

Until next time…

Petplace Staff