Why work at a Cat Rescue?

Have you ever wondered what you could do to help cats in need? Many people open their home to animals in need, but many others simply don’t have the room or the time to take on any more pets than they already have. If you just cannot take another cat, you could still volunteer at a rescue or shelter. I just read a fantastic story about why one woman does just that.

Donna Weyer in Fort Collins, Colorado writes about the time she spends working at the Fort Collins Cat Rescue which just opened this past June. Donna has three cats of her own, all rescues and doesn’t really have the space to adopt more. She knew that her time would be valuable to the cats and staff at the rescue, however and began to volunteer.

Donna works most Saturday mornings cleaning litter pans, disinfecting cages as well as loving and cuddling the cats at the rescue. She says that it’s her own cats that have given her the urge to help others. All the cats at the rescue are looking for the same break that her own feline friends got and each of them deserves a wonderful home.

Of the 150 cats that have come in since June, 100 have been adopted and it makes Donna’s work feel worthwhile. She can resist taking home new friends, but she still has favorites at the shelter. Donna has a soft spot for the senior cats especially, knowing that they often get overlooked for the kittens. One 11 year-old tubby tuxedo cat named Dallas that “helps” her wash the dishes is especially charming. There is also a cat, Bright Eye that lost an eye and a leg in a car accident, but still has plenty of “catitude” and love for life. Donna loves having the opportunity to play with them all when her chores are done.

It isn’t just Donna that is making a difference though. She points out that she is only there one day a week and it takes a whole crew of folks to make the shelter run. If it wasn’t for all the passion of these folks, who knows what would have happened to all of these wonderful cats. Perhaps, volunteering at a shelter is something that you might like to you too!

Do you have a story about a person or a place that is making a difference for some really wonderful cats? Be sure to share the story of these wonderful folks and the cats they love!

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