You morally & ethically obligated to Care For Your Pets

I adopted my beautiful calico Saki last November from a no-kill shelter. She had been dumped there after having a litter of kittens at @ 9mos old because her "owner" let her wander, no vaccinations, care etc. At 1y.o. She was barely 5lbs, but so sweet & loving.

Within 6 weeks at my home she was (& is) a healthy & active 9lbs & a loved family member. I hope to talk my hubby into getting her a friend soon. I was so impressed with the shelter, Pet Rescue Miami that I now volunteer there. We have 1 kitten whose back legs are paralyzed after being thrown over a fence with a pile of dogs. A cat that was abandoned & so depressed it responds to no one. Cats left behind when owners moved. It is so sad to see. People need to learn that when you take it upon yourself to get a pet, you morally & ethically obligate yourself to care for it properly. Any less is inhuman.

Randi Anconina