Your Purr-fect Cat Horoscope…for April 2007


This year is a time for Rams to experience more, and move less. Tune into your animal instinct for signs about you and your family's life. Often you are ready to pounce on something new. In 2007, think before you leap.

Animal and Human Relationships: Now is the time to open up and provide comforting companionship to people and pets. Do take advantage of the rewards (i.e., treats or hugs) of good communication.

Health and Well-being: Speaking of tuning into your intuition, don't tune out your body during the spring time. A visit to your vet, Ari, to tweak that junk food diet may be what you need to stay bold and strong like Arien pets can be.

2007 Pet Tip: Be prepared for novelty and sniff the new sensory delights of the four seasons.

Animal-Loving Celebrity: Aries Doris Day-Founder and President of The Doris Day Foundation.

Kerouac is the co-author of 202 Pets' Peeves, and is noted as a seismically sensitive cat in the new book, "The Man Who Predicts Earthquakes," by Cal Orey, based on geologist Jim Berkland's quake warnings which include moons, tides, strange animal behavior (disoriented pets, lost cats and dogs). Available at and