Your Purr-fect Cat Horoscope…for December 2006


Welcome to a time in your life where you may be in a spot where you don't have complete freedom, a desire of upbeat Sagittarian animals. However, this year you'll learn how to amuse yourself in resourceful ways, whether you are bird watching or viewing animal programs on TV.

Animal and Health Relationships: While your activities may be limited for one reason or another, you will reach out and touch someone in an amazing and powerful way.

Health and Well-being: If someone or another animal affected you in the past, this year you'll let go of the grudge Sag and enjoy each other once again.

2006 Pet Tip: Let your humans know that it's time for you to relax and rejuvenate yourself from head to tail.

Kerouac is the co-author of 202 Pets' Peeves, and is noted as a seismically sensitive cat in the new book, "The Man Who Predicts Earthquakes," by Cal Orey, based on geologist Jim Berkland's quake warnings which include moons, tides, strange animal behavior (disoriented pets, lost cats and dogs). Available at and