Your Purr-fect Cat Horoscope…for June 2007


This year 2007 is the time when you turn a new paw, fin or feather and truly hear your humans-and get it. The year's four eclipse influence your change for the better, whether it is acceptance of a new pet roomie or enjoying a more active life outside your past normal daily grind.

Animal and Human Relationships: New pet pals, animal-related organizations, and pet people may find you and you will feel freedom and unleashed.

Health and Well-being: The beginning of this year through the spring and pre-fall may be time to make changes in your exercise routine. P.S. Lose the high calorie snacks for your body's sake.

2007 Pet Tip: Your intelligence will help you to adapt and face any new situation.

Animal-Loving Celebrity: Gemini Joan Rivers-is a known devout dog lover.

Kerouac is the co-author of 202 Pets' Peeves, and is noted as a seismically sensitive cat in the new book, "The Man Who Predicts Earthquakes," by Cal Orey, based on geologist Jim Berkland's quake warnings which include moons, tides, strange animal behavior (disoriented pets, lost cats and dogs). Available at and