Cat Flea Collar – Vet’s Advice on Cat Flea Collar

Are there cat flea collars and do cat flea collars work?

There are numerous brands of flea collars for cats. These are cat flea collars with a flea deterrent product impregnated in the collar. It is very important that the cat flea collar is made specifically for cats since some dog flea and tick collars can be dangerous to cats. But do flea collars for cats work? This is controversial. Most veterinarians would say no, that cat flea collars are one of the least effective methods to battle fleas. For one thing, the cat flea collar is “on the wrong end” so to speak. Most cat fleas huddle around the rear of the cat and infrequently are around the head and neck areas where the cat flea collar is located. Cat flea collars do little to kill fleas and some of the ingredients can be toxic to some cats. There are safer alternatives to flea collars available on the market for cats. For example, some of the new oral and topical medications can work very well and are safer than cat flea collars. These products include: Frontline®, Program® and Capstar®. For more information on cat flea infestations, click here.

Dr. Debra