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Cat Insurance for Older Cats: Can Your Cat Be Covered?

Every cat is a special companion, but we all have a special place in our heart for the cat in our lives who’s getting on in her years. As cats get older, they begin to develop more health issues, and are put at a higher risk for contracting other potentially serious problems on top of that. Cat insurance for older cats can help you prepare for the new road ahead, and make sure that you’re covered in the event that you’re faced with significant veterinarian fees.

However, as our cats age, many cat owners start to wonder if their feline friends are getting too old for cat insurance. While they may be interested in obtaining coverage for their pets, many wonder if it’s worth it to have insurance at all. In some cases, cat insurance for older cats might not be the best choice for your situation, but for others it might be a major benefit.

Cat Insurance for Older Cats Helps You and Your Cat Live a Stress-Free Life

Pet insurance can assure that you’ll be able to help your cat if she runs into a problem with her health that won’t require you to take a chunk out of your savings. Cat insurance for older cats is essential to making sure they’re able to receive adequate care to keep them healthy. Insurance makes it easier to take care of the financial responsibility of pet health care, and takes the pressure off of owners who may have to make difficult financial choices when it comes to getting their pets the help they need. Pet insurance helps fill the gaps where your own finances might fall short, and enables your cat to live a longer, fuller life.

When you’re considering cat insurance for older cats, it’s important to understand that every pet insurance company is different. Some companies have policies where your cat can be insured her entire life as long as you continue to pay the premium and you get the insurance when she’s a kitten. Other companies won’t allow cats above a certain age to have an insurance policy. It all depends on where you go, and it’s always important to consider all your options and think about what’s best for your cat.

The more serious a health issue is, the more it’s going to cost on your end to have treatment done. As your cat gets older and these issues have a higher risk of occurring, you’re going to have to consider how you’re going to pay for health care when the time comes. Often times with older cats, the problem isn’t due to the veterinarian’s inability to do anything, it’s because the owner is unable to afford the care required to heal the cat.

With all the options available to pet owners today, it’s difficult to know where to start when looking for cat insurance for older cats. Look at the rules for different policies, and make sure that your cat is covered, especially if she’s older than 14. Many pet insurance companies will have an age cap at 14 years, and after that, they’re no longer eligible for pet insurance. Ultimately, the best time to purchase pet insurance is when your cat is a kitten, but in most cases it’s never too late to make sure your cat is covered.

Most pet insurance companies are accepted by all veterinarians, but check with your local veterinarians before you purchase a plan to make sure they’ll accept it.

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