Cat with warm ears and dry nose – Is this okay?


Our question this week was:

have a Siamese/tiger cat that is over a year old and lately he’s been sleeping more and more along with having very warm ears and a dry nose, but then other times he’ll be perfectly fine. Now I’m not sure if that’ normal for his breed or what but could something seriously be wrong with his health?

Kay Gavin


Hi – thanks for your email. I don’ put much credence in ear temperature and nose moisture. Look at your cat overall. If he is a year old, he should be playful and happy. Make sure he is eating well with no vomiting or diarrhea. Check his output and make sure he is having normal urinations and bowel movements.

If he is not eating, loosing weight, not playful and active – those would all be causes for concern and I’ recommend taking him to your veterinarian for evaluation.

The best way to “check” his temperature if you think he is warm is by taking a rectal temperature reading. An article that might be helpful to you tells you how to do this – go to How to Take Your Cats Temperature.

Best of luck!

Dr. Debra