If Only I had Pet Insurance

Some of the most common diseases in cats are treatable, even those which are incurable. Veterinary medicine has come a long way and jumps new hurtles every year, keeping our animals healthy and living with us longer. However, this medicine is not free. Many of the tests and treatments for animals can be rather expensive. Specialized equipment, tests and prescriptions can be costly. What will you do if you have to care for your pet in the long term with an expensive disease to treat? I just read a story about a woman who had a plan in advance and was glad that she did.

Bianca Reynolds writes from Madison, Wisconsin to tell us about her cat Sabrina. Bianca never wanted to worry about her cat’s well-being and whether or not she would be able to afford for care, so Sabrina was insured the first year of her life. Of course, at first Sabrina never got sick. Although Bianca was glad to have the security, she wondered if the insurance was worth keeping.

Then when Sabrina was ten years-old, she began to drink a lot of water and also seemed to be urinating frequently. Bianca was worried and took her in to the vet. Her worst fears were confirmed, Sabrina had type-one diabetes.

Sabrina had to stay over at the vet’s office so that they could map out her insulin requirements and get her stabilized. When she was able to come home, Bianca had to give her insulin shots twice a day. She had to go back in to see the vet many times before they got her settled on the right course of treatment. Fortunately, Bianca didn’t have to worry about the cost of all of this. Instead she focused on learning to help Sabrina live with diabetes.

Much of the expense was paid back by Sabrina’s pet insurance and Bianca is so glad she had it. She’s really glad she didn’t cancel it when she thought it might not be worth it. She says she would be kicking herself for that now. She also hopes that others will consider getting insurance as well.

Diabetes Mellitus is covered by pet insurance. Cats can get just about every disease that people can get and treatment can be expensive. Pet insurance is a great way to allow you to do the best for your cat without worry about the costs.

Is Pet Insurance Right for you?

The best pet insurance offers coverage that’s broad enough for whatever care your pet needs and with enough options to get the perfect coverage for you and your pet.

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