The Atlanta Floodings – Protect Your Cat From Natural Disasters

This past Sunday night, torrential rain storms turned hundreds of streets in northwest Georgia into a flooded disaster zone. Unfortunately, in addition to human fatalities, it was also reported that a family who slept through the downpour overnight awoke to find that their dog had drowned in the basement. It’s sad to imagine how many others may be out there that we don’t know about.

Natural disasters can happen so unexpectedly and quickly put our lives and our pet’s lives in danger. Losing our homes and all of our belongings in these situations can be overwhelmingly devastating. And potentially losing our loved ones (including our pets) can hurt even more.

It’s so important that we take these potential disasters seriously and be prepared. Preparedness is the key in any emergency, especially for we pet owners.

Please take a moment to read our Tips on How to Handle Natural Disasters for cat owners. You’ll find some simple suggestions on how to make sure you and your pets are prepared for these unpredictable events, including floods. A little preparation could save you and your cat’s life.

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Be Safe,

Dr. Debra