Beautiful Bella – A Reason to Spay your Cats

Everyone hears this a lot, but it doesn’t hurt to repeat it. Please spay and neuter your pets. It isn’t just that there are too many unwanted pets, although this is reason enough. Pregnancy is also hard on cats’ bodies and their health. Some young and petite cats may have great difficulty giving birth. I just read a heartfelt story about why we should all spay and neuter our animals if we don’t plan to breed them.

Jennifer in North Carolina writes about a cat that she absolutely fell in love with and whose life she ultimately saved. Jennifer is a firm believer in keeping cats indoors. Her cat, Gypsy is an indoor cat because she knows that leaving cats to room outside can lead to sickness, injury or both.

One day while Jennifer and her daughter were playing outside they came across a skinny little cat. She looked malnourished, but she was beautiful with bright blue eyes and had a coat like a cross between a tabby and a Siamese. She was a very sweet cat and worrying over where she was getting food, Jennifer left food out for her. She wasn’t sure if she was a stray or if she belonged to someone, so she didn’t take her inside. She also didn’t want to expose Gypsy to any illnesses that the poor little cat might carry with her inside.

After a little looking, Jennifer discovered that the cat had come from a neighbor who said she had tried to keep her inside, but the cat would go crazy trying to get out. She said she left food out for her, but the poor little cat seemed so skinny. Jennifer still wasn’t sure that adopting the cat was the right thing to do, but when she saw her belly hanging low, she knew she had to get her care.

Jennifer told the neighbor she would care for her and take her to the vet. She brought Bella inside fearing the worst, but Bella settled in peacefully without a problem. She never made an attempt to get outside.

Sadly, the pregnancy ended in tragedy. Bella was unable to give birth and a c-section was required to remove the two still-born kittens in her womb. Fortunately, she is recovering nicely. Jennifer adores her and wonders what might have happened if she hadn’t taken her in and gotten her the appropriate care. Bella could have died and had she been spayed earlier, she never would have had to suffer through the ordeal of a difficult pregnancy. She wants everyone to think of Bella and spay you cats!

Petplace Staff

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