Brady – One Lucky Cat with a Great Home

Cats get themselves into the darnedest situations and thankfully the world is full of kind-hearted cat lovers ready to get them out of trouble. So many of us think we have all the cats we can manage and yet find a needy feline and make room for “just one more”. I read a great story about a lucky cat named Brady who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but found himself a good home just the same.

Cheryl Luther of Granger, Indiana writes about how her daughter, backing out of the driveway on the way to school hear a terrible thud. To her horror she saw a black cat scurrying away and obviously hurt. Cheryl’s daughter was in hysterics, but Cheryl calmed her down, sent her school and promised to take care of the situation.

The Luthers already had two cats, but Cheryl’s husband quickly agreed that she should take the cat to the vet and get it whatever care it needed. The poor cat was dragging its back legs and had some sort of plastic caught around it’s neck. Cheryl freed up the cat’s neck and at the vet found that he had a fractured pelvis.

Although the tiny black cat had seemed to be a kitten, Chery’s vet told her that looking at the adult teeth, the feline had to be full-grown. The poor little guy only weighed six pounds, but Cheryl took him home to get some meat on his bones and turn his luck around. The family named the cat Brady and love him just as much as their other two kitties.

Cheryl of course, had the vet check Brady for feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus before she brought him home. Cats that live outside and get into fights with other cats are susceptible to both of these potentially deadly viruses. Be sure to take your cat to the vet regularly and if possible keep you cats inside. Indoor cats live longer, safer and healthier lives. You want to keep your feline friend around as long as possible!

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