Do you know anything about a food recall by Drs Foster and Smith?

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Do you know anything about a food recall by Drs Foster and Smith? I think it may affect dog food only but am not sure – I got worried because I feed my cat their food.


Hi – thanks for your email. I’m glad you asked – because the food recall affects both dog and cats. Please see below. Jacquar Boming – Las Angeles California.

Drs. Foster and Smith Pet Food issues voluntary recall

Drs. Foster & Smith Adult Dry Lite Dog Food and Adult Dry Cat Food have been voluntarily recalled by the manufacturer because the products could contain rice protein concentrate tainted with melamine. Preliminary tests for melamine contamination have been negative, but final test results from the FDA are expected within two weeks.

The recalled food lots are: Adult Lite Dry Dog Food item numbers 14180, 14262 and 14263, or Adult Lite Dry Cat Food item numbers 12855, 12856, 13864 and 13865 purchased between January 22, 2007 and April 19; and Adult Lite Dry Dog Food item numbers 14178 and 14179 purchased between February 2, 2007 and April 19, 2007.

Until final test results are available from the FDA, Drs. Foster & Smith request its customers discontinue feeding their pets the food from the lots listed above. The manufacturer is also contacting all customers who have purchased the affected products and advises customers that none of the other Drs. Foster & Smith foods contain rice protein concentrate.

Dr. Debra

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