Koneko Made her a “Cat Lady”

Most of us have more pets than we planned on, but certainly not more than we can love. The bug always starts with one pet…one pet that chooses you and converts you into a lover of them all. So many cats out there need help and it’s easy to see how one cat can be just the beginning of a feline household. I just read a wonderful story about a woman who fell in love with one cat and became a certifiable “cat lady.”

Ana Noueira of Manchester, New Hampshire tells the story of going to the animal shelter to adopt a dog. That was the plan, anyway. She had just bought a house and her home seemed awfully lonely so she decided to adopt a friend. However, she passed through the cat kennels on the way to look at the dogs and one feline face stood out to her. She tried to ignore it, she was looking for a dog, after all. However all the dogs available were large breeds and she simply didn’t have the room at her house to care for a large dog. On the way out she saw the cat again and took a closer look, asking to see him. It took one cuddle with the purring kitty and she was hooked.

Ana brought home Koneko and knew right away she had made the right decision. The only problem was that the loving and needy cat stuck to her like glue. Ana enjoyed the attention, but worried that Koneko might need a friend. Another trip to the animal shelter solved that dilemma and Maggie, a petite tuxedo cat found a new home. Within three hours, Koneko and Maggie were cuddling on the couch, immediately fast friends.

The sight of all the cats at the shelter needing homes stuck with Ana though and she knew she had to do something about them. She became a shelter volunteer and started fostering kittens that needed intermediate care before finding homes at the shelter. Sometimes she has eight kittens at a time at home, but Koneko and Maggie don’t mind. The two cats didn’t mind when Ana brought home one more rescue cat that stole her heart either. Kaida, a little orange tabby has become a perfect addition to the team.

Ana never imagined it would happen, but she has become a full-fledged “cat lady” thanks to the charms of Koneko. Let the neighbors say what they will. Ana doesn’t mind! Her house is far from quiet and she is never lonely.

Do you have a cat that hooked you with their feline charms? Be sure to share your story with us! We would love to hear it.

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