Roy’s Ten Spoiled Kids

For an animal lover, there is nothing more wonderful than finding another animal lover to share your life with. Sometimes that’s a difficult thing to do. If you are pet crazy, you can’t expect everyone to be as crazy as you are! So it’s always great to get a story about two truly pet crazy people finding one another.

Cynthia Bressler in Youngstown , Ohio writes about meeting her husband, Roy. The two met online and she moved from New Jersey to Ohio, bringing her five cats with her. Roy is an on the road trucker and is gone about 25 days a month, so it was good for Cynthia to have her cats for company. She never expected though, that Roy and the cats would hit it off so well.

Cynthia’s cats adored Roy, which surprised her. He seemed to really like them as well, but Cynthia had no idea how much until one of the passed away. She was 15 years old and lost a battle with liver disease. She was Cynthia’s oldest cat and had lived a good long life. However, Roy was devastated. He cried so much and Cynthia never thought he would take it so hard.

Since then, they have adopted six more strays and Roy spoils them rotten. Cynthia thinks that 10 is quite enough cats, thank you. They all have such great stories though. One little girl is even handicapped, but you would never know it by the way she gets around. She climbs and swings on the carpeted jungle gym that they have.

Roy calls the cats from the road and leaves messages on the answering machine for them. He would love to take a couple of the cats along for his rides, but sadly the company he works for doesn’t allow pets in the truck. So instead Roy carries photos of them in his wallet so that he can show of his “kids”.

Cynthia says that she thought she was the cat nut, but it turns out that her husband is even crazier about felines than her. She jokes about being a stay at home mom. With some many cats available for mischief, someone has to be at home to look out for them. They make her and Roy laugh though and are so much fun to have around.

These two are so lucky to have found one another and all ten cats are lucky to have such a fabulous home. Cynthia says that her husband is the greatest man she has ever met and I bet all the cats feel the same!

Petplace Staff

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