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10 Things Every Kid Should Know about Cats

1. Cats have different personalities, just like people. Some are friendly and outgoing and others are shy.

2. The best way to approach a cat is to bend down and allow them to smell your hand. Don’t pet them first unless they begin to rub against your hand or an adult says it is okay.

3. Cats like gentleness. Cats don’t like to be rough-housed. They like quiet. They like a peaceful environment. They like to sit on laps that are still and quiet.

4. Cats especially love whoever feeds them. Cats like to eat several times of day and they love not only to eat but love whoever feeds them.

5. Cats like to be petted in different places. Some like to be petted on their head, some under the chin, and some like to be petted down their backs. But most cats don’t like to be petted too close to their bottoms and most cats don’t like to have their bellies rubbed.

6. Cats can be trained. Cats are very smart and can be trained! Check out the related article for tips on training your cat!

7. Cats need good care, just like you do. They need good quality cat food to eat, plenty of fresh water, and play time every day. Cats also like routine. They like to be fed at consistent times every day.

8. Cats are very good at keeping secrets.

9. Cats don’t always know what is best for them. They may want to eat or chew on things that are dangerous and need your help to protect them. For example, some cats may be attracted to ribbon or string that can cause a life threatening obstruction in their intestines so you need to help protect him or her.

10. Cats can get sick just like people can. Common signs of illness include a cat that won’t play, acts really tired, hides, or won’t eat. Other signs are vomiting and diarrhea. If you think your cat is sick, tell an adult so that they can evaluate the situation.