7 Tips to Get Your Cat to Like Your Boyfriend

Do you have a kitty and you want him or her to bond with your boyfriend? Here are some tips to help!

Start Slow

Cats aren't like their dog counterparts. A fresh piece of bacon and quick game of fetch just won't hold the same weight with the cat of the household. So take it easy and work on a slow and gradual introduction. Cats certainly appreciate those that respect their turf and most cats will respond better on their own schedule. It's a good idea to allow the cat to get to know the boyfriend, not the other way around.

It's All About Perception

Your cat is used to receiving your undivided attention and it is important to ensure that your kitty doesn't feel slighted by your new love interest. If your cat perceives that the new boyfriend is associated with your decreased attention or affection, the introduction isn't likely to go well. It's important to be conscious that your cat is receiving the same love and affection that he or she has grown accustomed to.

Come Bearing Gifts
While jerky treats and Frisbees aren't quite the way to go; a little catnip or favorite fuzzy mouse could go a long way. Have your boyfriend be the gift guy. If your cat likes certain toys or treats, now is the time to break them out. Having your guy plan ahead for his arrival by picking up a few pet shop goodies is sound advice.

He Smells OK

Cats can be funny about a lot of things, smell included. Having your boyfriend leave something behind that has his scent is a good way to break your cat into his arrival in your life. A t-shirt or some other garment left at your place will help your kitty get used to your boyfriends position in your life. Placing this object somewhere unobtrusive that your cat can interact with it on his own schedule is a wise idea. Try not to let this new object intrude on your cat's space but rather place it in a neutral area in your home like a sofa or chair.

Pay Attention to Detail

Every cat is different and close monitoring is in order with the introduction. Some cats are easy keepers that take to change with ease, while others resist change and may even display signs of stress or anxiety. Be sure to use your cat's acceptance level as an indication of the appropriate introduction speed.

Allow Alone Time

Once your cat and boyfriend appear comfortable with one another, there's nothing like a little alone time to strengthen the bond. Have your boyfriend spend some time at your place when you're not around to get a little closer to the kitty in your life. Who knows maybe he can cook you dinner while he spends some time getting to know your cat.

Indulge the Guilty Pleasures

If you kitty likes strings, feathers or laser chase, have your boyfriend indulge these guilty pleasures. A few minutes out of your visits devoted to your cat will surely strengthen their relationship.

All in all there's no perfect recipe for getting your cat and your boyfriend to get along. However, following these simple steps is certainly heading in the right direction.