A Psychic Connection with Cats

Have you ever had a pet with which you were sure you shared a special connection? So many of us have had moments with our pets that were magical and difficult to explain. Cats have long been considered animals that have a connection to magic and the afterlife. So could it be that they have a psychic connection with us? Some people say, “yes.” In fact I just read a story about a woman who has had a psychic connection with three special cats in her life.

Linda M. in Minnesota explains that since she was a child she’s known that certain cats have been linked to her in wonderful ways. Her first experience with an “otherworldly” cat was with her beloved Siamese “Blue Eyes” that passed away unexpectedly. Linda was just a child at the time, but knew what she was seeing when she met the spirit of her cat walking up the stairs as she was walking down. Blue Eyes was definitely looking out for her from the next world.

The second cat that Linda found a connection with was “Trouble” a gray tabby. Trouble seemed to have a deep understanding of life and was a counselor of sorts, helping Linda through the loss of a kitten she was desperately trying to save.

The third cat seemed to have talent as a healer. Toons, a 16-year old gray tabby, helped Linda who has suffered terrible headaches all her life when she was suffering from a particularly bad one. Lying on her bed, fighting the pain, Linda felt Toons hop on the bed, curling up against her and beginning to purr. As Linda listened to the calming sound she began to visualize Toons leading her to a peaceful place by a stream. She saw three guardians watching her at the edge of a group of trees. Toons was one of them. As Linda felt Toons get up from the bed, his work finished, she realized her headache was almost gone. She was sure that Toons had helped make it go away.

Linda is a believer that cats can choose to connect with us in spiritual ways. Are you a believer too? Be sure to share your stories about the wonder things that your cat brings to your life!

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