Behavior Problems in Cats Alphabetical

The following is a list of behavior problems that can occur in cats. For articles on cat training, Click here.

To help you browse, we listed the most common problems alphabetically.

Aggression (Inter-Cat)
Aggression (Invoked by Petting in Cats)
Aggression (Maternal in Cats)
Aggression (Medical Causes)
Aggression (Play)
Aggression (Predatory in Cats)
Aggression (Sexual)
Aggression in Cats (Introduction)
Aggression in Cats (Non – Recognition)
Alpha Cat Syndrome
Behavior Problems Guide for Cats
Behavior Problems Guide for Kittens
Birth Order – Affect on Cat
Body Language of Cats
Catnip…How it Affects Cats
Cognitive Dysfunction of Cats
Compulsive Behavior of Cats
Compulsive Feeding Behavior
Compulsive Reproductive Behavior of Cats
Fear of The Animate
Fears of Cats
Furniture Scratching
Helpful Hints on Feline Behavior
Hoarding Behavior in Cats
Housesoiling in Cats
How to Play with a Kitten
Hyperesthesia in Cats
Hypervocalization of Cats
Inappropriate Elimination in Cats
Nail Biting in Cats
Normal Elimination Behavior
Normal Feeding Behavior
Normal Grooming Behavior
Normal Reproductive Behavior
Orphaned Cats – Mental & Social Needs
Pet-to-Pet Socialization – Adding a Kitten
Psychogenic Alopecia
Scent Marking by Cats
Senior Cat Behavior
Separation Anxiety in Cats
Thunderstorm Phobia in Cats
Thwarting the Alarm Clock Cat
Urine-Marking in cats
Veterinary Behaviorist Roles
Why Does My Cat Paw at The Door?
Wool sucking