Can Cats Swim?

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What If Your Cat Hates Water?

Water can be a safety hazard for cats that don’t like to swim. Although most outdoor cats will avoid swimming pools, ponds, and lakes, they can be shocked if they fall into a body of water accidentally. The surprise can affect their ability to swim. If your cat does end up in the swimming pool, make sure to rinse him off well after he takes a dip. The chemicals in pools and the bacteria in other bodies of water can be harmful to your pet.

Water safety for pets goes beyond drowning prevention. Try to discourage your pet from drinking water outdoors. Stagnant bodies of water can contain bacteria that are dangerous for dogs and cats. Some types of algae and chemicals are also harmful for your pet to consume.

Can You Teach Your Cat To Swim?

If your cat loves the water, you might be tempted to give him an aquatic-sounding name. Call him salmon and ask him to bring you a fresh catch. If your cat doesn’t love the water, you might still ask the question, “Can I teach my cat to swim?” If you start early and encourage your kitty enough, you might be able to get him accustomed to water. However, whether he really enjoys it is a secret that he might keep forever just to maintain the illusion that cats hate water alive.



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