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Can You Read Your Cat’s Mind?

Some people think animals can read our minds. Can we do the same? Pet psychics insist the answer is “Yes, you can” – with a little work, of course. And here, they tell us how. But remember, whether or not you communicate telepathically with your pet, the bottom line is that it’s fun, safe and it’ll give you a chance to spend quality time with your pet. You don’t need to be a psychic to know that’s what really counts.

Step 1. Believe in your psychic ability. You can tune in to your pet because we are all born with the ability to communicate telepathically, says Raphaela Pope, a pet psychic from Davis, Calif., who believes she connects mentally with Peter, her nine-year-old golden retriever-great Pyrenees mix. Just keep an open mind, she says.

Step 2. Think of pets as equal beings. Some people think that pets are of a lower order. “Not true,” says Pope. “Don’t think that because your cat, bird, fish, lizard, chinchilla or chicken is small in stature that her world view is narrow or limited.”

Step 3. Prepare with meditation. Learn to quiet your mind and focus. It will help you to detach from the hectic pace of daily life. Spend 10-15 minutes meditating before you tune into your pet.

Step 4. Take a good hard look. Sit with your pet and observe her from head-to-paw. Fix your eyes on her, homing in on her deepest feelings and thoughts. “Notice your pet’s facial expressions and body language,” advises pet psychic Laura Simpson of Finland, Minn. “It’s the beginning of communication.

Step 5. You’ve got mail. Here it is – the first greeting from your pet. “When you are in a truly quiet state,” says Pope, “you can see the thoughts, feelings and pictures that come from the animal. We are all reasonably good at projecting out,” she adds. “The tough part is receiving. Keep yourself quiet and open.”

Step 6. Speak up – it’s communication time. “Gently reach out and ask your pet a simple question in your head. Keep it simple and don’t expect a complicated answer,” says Simpson.

Step 7. Go with the first response. “Don’t ask ‘Is this real?’ Just observe your pet’s answer,” advises Simpson. “Be detached from the outcome.”

Step 8. Practice makes perfect. Practice sending messages back and forth with your pet. Once you have the hang of it, chat it up with your pet as if she were a child, suggests Simpson. “Have fun. You might even want to include some of her input in your household decisions.”

Step 9. It’s time to tune out. Pets are capable of thought, feelings and emotion. So don’t be rude let your pet know that you are signing off. Try to set a regular time to communicate with your pet each day.

Step 10. So did it work? Did you and Fluffy have a yak-fest? Yes? Terrific; enjoy staying in tune with your best bud. No? Oh well, don’t give up. You may still be a pet clairvoyant yet.