A cat prepares to pounce while playing.

Accessories Party: The Best Cat Accessories

Your cat should have the best of everything. At least, that’s what she thinks. Your feline isn’t spoiled; you just can’t stop yourself from checking out cool cat accessories when you see them. Shopping for your cat can be more fun than buying stuff for yourself. Kitty bling, cute cat outfits, comfy hangout spots, and kitty entertainment tools top our list of the best feline accessories.

Kitty Bling

People in the U.S. spend billions of dollars on their pets. Therefore, it’s no surprise that high-end pet fashions are becoming a trend for animal lovers. You can snag some kitty bling yourself. These accessories will make your cat look sharper and more stylish than ever.


Twinkling cat collars are available all over the internet. You can get them in just about any color, too. Some even have cute charms hanging off of them. When you’re buying a glimmering collar, you might want to brush your hand against it to make sure that the glitter doesn’t shed. Your cat probably doesn’t want to get a mouthful of sparkle every time she grooms herself.

Nail Caps

Soft caps can be used to cover your cat’s claws safely. They won’t affect your cat’s ability to scratch, but they’ll make its nails blunter, protecting your skin and furniture. Nail caps come in various colors and designs, including shimmery tones that look like nail polish. Some pet owners have fun matching their manicures to their kitty’s nails. In fact, Buzzfeed reported that this trend is going viral.

Kitty Clothing

Cat clothing is available in all shapes and sizes. You can find tank tops, hoodies, sweaters, and even Halloween costumes. If your cat isn’t keen on getting dressed up, stick with a less intrusive accessory, like a bow tie.

Twinkle Tush

One of the funniest accessories for cats is the Twinkle Tush cat butt cover. The idea behind this sparkly jewelry is that pet owners are tired of looking at their cats’ uncovered behinds. Of course, this is just a gag gift. However, it makes for a few hilarious photos that might go viral on your social media pages.

Living the High Life

Have you ever had a cat that spends her time on top of your refrigerator? She doesn’t necessarily do this because she thinks she’s superior. Cats love to play sentinel and keep track of your every move. Elevated perches give your cat hidden spots for preparing attacks and planning escapes. When she’s up high, your cat can avoid getting poked and prodded by children and dogs, too. Some cats even prefer to eat in a raised location. Give your cat the opportunity to jump, climb, and perch with these incredible accessories.


The team at CatastrophiCreations is obviously cat-happy. The lucky felines that come across these innovative pieces are also undoubtedly in kitty heaven. This unconventional line of feline furniture includes perches, mazes, and hammocks that evoke your cat’s natural instincts. Most of the modular units are designed to install into walls, freeing up floor space. Consequently, they’re perfect for even the tiniest homes.

Kitty Loft

The kitty loft is constructed with a narrow molding that’s unobtrusive for you and allows your feline to explore more dimensions of your home. A staircase leads up to a platform that traverses the wall over door frames. We had trouble finding this cat accessory for sale, but it can’t be too hard to make on your own, according to Handimania. Plus, it can add a contemporary flair to your home and keep your cats from getting underfoot.

Window Perches

When your cat sits in the window, he can check out the view indoors and out. You can buy a cat perch that fits in your windows so that your cat can do just that. Some sunny seats have suction cups to attach them to the window pane. Others fit inside the window like an air conditioner. These cat patios let your cat get the feeling of being outdoors while staying safe and protected from predators.

Cat Entertainment

Cats love to play. In fact, frolicking is serious business for cats in the wild. They get to practice vital survival skills, like hunting. The instinct to catch prey is so strong that pet cats may develop behavior problems if they aren’t mentally and physically stimulated. These toys provide the entertainment that your cat begs for.

Food Puzzles

Challenge your kitty’s brain by making him work for his food. The Catit Design Senses Food Maze has several platforms to place food on. As your pet sticks his paws inside, kibble gets pushed to the bottom tray. Your cat can nibble on it from there.

Massage Centers

Does your pet spend her days rubbing against your legs, begging to be petted? Let her give herself a massage with a cat toy designed for self-grooming. The Catit Design Senses Massage Center stimulates different areas of the animal’s body, including the teeth and gums. The Petories Double Arched Cat Groomer provides a tunnel made from stiff brush material that feels good to walk under.

Robotic Mice

If your cat gets bored when you’re not tugging on the other end of his toy, consider buying him a robotic mouse. Just push the button, set the toy down, and watch your cat go at it. Some of these items are activated by motion or touch. They’ll stop moving when your cat does, but they may surprise your kitty when they start to go again. Remote-controlled kids’ playthings can have the same effect.

Shopping for Your Cat

Since you can’t resist buying cute cat accessories, it helps to know how to procure them affordably. Many perches and cat houses can be made at home. Honestly, your cat might prefer a cardboard box to an expensive shelter. If you do want to buy cat items, be sure to wait for sales. Costumes are often discounted after Halloween, and Black Friday sales offer great deals on feline accessories. And when you get the best savings on pet supplies, you can tell everyone that you’re not spoiling your cat; you just can’t pass up the deals.