All About the Ragdoll Personality

All About the Ragdoll Personality

ragdoll personalityragdoll personality
ragdoll personalityragdoll personality

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The Ragdoll cat is big and affectionate. The Ragdoll is among the largest of the domestic cats. The Ragdoll cat matures slowly. This breed does not reach their full size and coat development until they are about three to four years of age. Males can range up to 20 pounds in size while the smaller females range from 10 to 15 pounds in size.

The Ragdoll cat has beautiful baby blue eyes and a semi-long coat in a pointed pattern. There are four different coat patterns for a Ragdoll: bicolor, mitted, van and colorpoint. The mitted, bicolor and van coat have white while the colorpoint coat has no white. If your Ragdoll has a colorpoint pattern, it will have a light body color with a contrasting darker color on the extremities, the mask, and the ears. The bicolor Ragdoll also has dark points but exhibits an inverted V on the forehead. Its stomach, legs, and ruff are white. The mitted Ragdoll cat also shows points, but the feet and the chin are white. Vans have the most white on the body.

The Ragdoll coat comes in six different colors – seal, blue, chocolate, red, lilac and cream – giving the breed a variety of looks. The coat varies from semi-long to long, and it is silky and plush. Ragdolls are known to shed year-round.

The Ragdoll cat was created by breeder Ann Baker in California in the 1960s. She called the cat the Ragdoll because it would happily flop into the arms of anyone who would pick it up. Ms. Baker registered the new cat breed and then launched the International Ragdoll Cat Association. She trademarked the new cat breed name and established her own detailed breeding criteria for the Ragdoll cat breed.

Ragdoll Personality, Temperament, and Traits

The Ragdoll personality is calm and even-tempered. Sweet, friendly and loving, this cat is relaxed and very good natured. This is one of the main reasons that the Ragdoll is one of the most popular breeds in America according to the Cat Fanciers’ Association.

The Ragdoll is eager to greet you at the front door and to follow you anywhere you want to go. The Ragdoll has even been nicknamed the “puppy cat” because of its desire to follow its humans around from one room to another, and because the Ragdoll simply loves to be held, cuddled and loved.

The Ragdoll personality gets along well with all family members as well as dogs and other household cats. Changes in routine do not usually upset the Ragdoll and she is the perfect companion for apartment living.

Your Ragdoll will happily greet you at the door and sleep with you in bed. The Ragdoll personality is fun-loving. Ragdolls enjoy a good game of fetch. This good-natured cat is a natural with children. The Ragdoll personality can even get along well with dogs.

As for being vocal, the Ragdoll cat is surprisingly quiet. Their small, sweet voice is soft and musical.

The Ragdoll has a moderate energy level and a very laid-back demeanor. This cat is happy to be picked up and carried around in your arms. Rather than climbing to the highest spot in your home, the Ragdoll prefers to stay at ground level. They prefer lying on your feet or in your lap. They love snuggling with their owners and having a fuss made over them.

A lover of water, the Ragdoll cat has been known to jump into the bath with its owner.

Ragdoll cats can learn quickly with positive reinforcement. They can even be taught to play fetch, to come when called and to walk on a leash.

The Ragdoll cat is easy to live with, happily interacting with its family members. The Ragdoll personality is well suited to any home where people are willing to love him and give his beautiful coat a brushing at least once a week. But because of its intensely social nature, this is not a cat that you can leave alone for long periods of time every day. If you want to get a Ragdoll cat, but you have to work, think about getting two Ragdolls so that they can keep each other company while you are gone.

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