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Most Common Behavioral Problems in Cats

Behavioral problems are common in cats. Generally most cats are “good” – or they want to be good but they can exhibit bad behaviors.

We put together a list of the most common “bad behaviors” and asked our well known and excellent cat behaviorist to address the issues and give you some advice.

Here is information on some common behavioral problems in cats. Click on the links below for some great and detailed information by our behaviorists:

Feline Urine-Marking

Introduction to Feline Fears

Inter-Cat Aggression

Housesoiling in Cats

Furniture Scratching in Cats

Overactivity at Night

Hypervocalization – Cats that Talk Talk Talk

Excessive Grooming in Cats

Separation Anxiety in Cats

Inappropriate Elimination in Cats

Predatory Aggression in Cats

Hoarding Behavior in Cats

Non – Recognition Aggression in Cats

Petting Aggression in Cats

Play Aggression in Cats

Sexual Aggression in Cats

How to Keep Your Cat Off Tables and Counters

Dealing with Cats that Wake You Up Too Early