Two cats touch noses in an attempt to communicate.

How Do Cats Communicate with Each Other?

Cats are mysterious creatures and fascinating for us humans to watch as they interact. Everything they do is a form of communication in one way or another. Cats communicate both with nonverbal (visual) signals and vocal tones. When cats communicate with each other, they tend to communicate with visual signs and assorted olfactory signs. They can additionally communicate vocally with a hiss or growl but more often communicate to humans with vocalizations.

Cat Communication

Cats communicate with the way they move their body gestures, eye position and movement, tail motion and position, and even various mannerisms. How they move in and look in a room says so much to other cats.

Signs and Signals of Cats Communicating

How to Understand Cat Communication

A lot of information can be learned by observing the interactions and behavior of cats alone or together. With careful observation, it is possible to understand a cat’s mood.

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How Smart Cats Are

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