Cheap Litter Box – A Vet’s Advice on a Cheap Litter Box

Cheap Litter Box – A Vet’s Advice on a Cheap Litter Box

Cheap Litter Box – A Vet’s Advice on a Cheap Litter Box

Looking for a cheap litter box? Like many cat lovers, you probably want a budget-friendly option to keep your cat happy. But is it even possible to save money and give your cat an appropriate litter box? Veterinarians say yes-but it takes a little work from you.

The best cheap litter box is one that you can buy and make. This is actually not only the least expensive, but also one of the best designs. It’s so good that it is commonly recommended by behaviorist.

First, let’s look at a few key points about litter boxes:


  • Most cats prefer uncovered boxes – they want to be able to see around them and don’t like how the hood traps odors.
  • Most cats prefer clear boxes where they can see if any “predators” are coming for them.
  • Some cats like to urinate near the side of the box and will often urinate over the edges of traditional low boxes.
  • Many litter boxes are too small. A box should be big enough where your cat can stand without any part of their body touching the sides.

What is the best cheap litter box that fulfills a cat’s needs?

The best inexpensive litter box is a clear plastic storage container. I like to buy mine at Target but you can find them at any discount store in the home storage area. Choose one with high sides and use a box cutter or craft knife to carefully cut a hole for entry. You can smooth the edges with a flat file or heavy grit sandpaper. Fill the box with your cat’s favorite unscented clumping litter and place in a quiet, private area.

I hope this has taught you how to make a cheap litter box and which is the best for your cat.


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