Is the Catpan called a Litterbox or Litter box or Litter pan?

Is the catpan called a litterbox or litter box or litter pan?

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Dr. Debra

This may seem like a silly question but I had a long discussion with another cat loving friend about litter boxes and litterboxes.It seems some people also call it a litter pan (and I've seen that written as cat litter pan and litterpan).Is it one word or hyphenated? It seems I've seen it both ways. Is there any difference between a litter box and a litter pan?

Veronica B. – Bermuda


Hi – thanks for your email Veronica. Interesting question. I've actually seen it written both ways – as litterbox and litter box as well – but the correct way is two words – litter box. However, I just did a research through google to see which way more people search for it and more people search for litterbox (one word).

A litter box is the same as a litter pan – just different words to describe the same thing.
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By the way – the first two articles here should be read by every cat lover. They can really help you prevent or fix problems related to cats urinating outside the litter box.

Best regards,

Dr. Debra

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