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Most Intelligent Cat Breeds

How Smart Are Cats?

Cats are smart, probably smarter than you think. In fact, they have twice as many neurons as dogs. Learn more about feline intelligence in this article: How Smart Are Cats? Everything You Need to Know.

Most Intelligent Cat Breeds

Cat intelligence is difficult to measure. After all, they can’t read a book and take a test. We look at cat intelligence based on their ability to be trained, how they adapt and problem solve, and how they interact with other animals and their surroundings.

The most intelligent cat breeds are believed to be as follows:

  1. Bengal –The Bengal is a large, sleek, beautifully spotted cat with a powerful, athletic frame. These intelligent cats have retained their exotic, feral look with an amazing temperament and personality. The Bengal’s body is long and very muscular, resembling the leopard cat’s powerful appearance. The first Bengal was created in California in 1963 by an unintentional mating between a female Asian leopard cat and a domestic shorthair male. The breed as we know it today began in 1980 when breeders began a planned breeding program. Bengals form strong emotional bonds with their human friends and become loving, loyal companions. Because of their deep attachment to their humans and their high activity level, they need more human interaction than most breeds. Bengal cats are graceful, strong, and agile. They love to climb and will gravitate to the highest point in any room. They are very smart, learn quickly, and can be taught a number of tricks. In fact, some learn tricks you’d rather they didn’t, such as opening cupboards, turning on and off light switches, and flushing toilets.
  2. Abyssinian – The Abyssinian, also known as the “Aby,” is a very intelligent cat breed. They are thought to have descended from cats worshiped by the ancient Egyptians nearly 4,000 years ago. The Aby is a colorful feline known for their energy and striking ticked pattern. They are often described as looking lovely, but are also courageous, high-spirited, and extremely curious. They are natural athletes, and no closed room or cupboard is safe from their agile paws and inquiring minds. Abyssinian cats are good problem solvers.
  3. Siamese – The Siamese is the most universally recognized domestic cat breed and one of the oldest. They are referenced in manuscripts dating back to 1350 and came to America in the 1900s. These sleek, vocal cats have big baby-blue eyes and striking pointed patterns that originated hundreds of years ago in Siam (now Thailand), where they were held in high esteem. According to legend, for generations, the kings of Siam kept Siamese cats in the royal palace. Siamese cats were considered worthy companions for Siam’s royalty and religious leaders. The Siamese is the most vocal of the cat breeds and frequently communicate with various meows and yowls to humans. They also love to fetch and are very social.
  4. Cornish Rex – Cornish Rex cats are fascinating with willowy contours, long and lean bodies, curly coat, large ears, and big mournful eyes. They are referred to as “intelligent, people-oriented extroverts.” The Cornish Rex was discovered in 1950 on a farm in Cornwall, England, when Serena, a tortoise shell and white domestic, gave birth to five kittens. Four were ordinary, but the fifth was unique. Kallibunker, as the kitten was named, was an orange and white male with short, curly fur. Unlike the other kittens that were stocky little domestics, Kallibunker had a long, lithe body, large ears, a slender tail, and a wedge-shaped head. Cornish Rex have great personalities and only two speeds – fast & curious or fast asleep. No shelf, drawer, countertop, or cupboard is safe from the curious Cornish. They are perfect for people who like energetic, inquisitive, agile felines. The Cornish cat can be easy to train and loves for you to toss toys, which they will fetch and return over and over. They love climbing, leaping, and sprinting, and have marvelously nimble paws.
  5. Burmese – The Burmese are a solidly built feline with a short, glossy, satin-like coat. Originally from Burma (now Myanmar), all North American and European Burmese can be traced to a single cat that arrived in the United States in 1930. Burmese are active and super-smart, and love to play, particularly when you are involved in the game. Burmese are extremely devoted, people-oriented cats that require a significant time commitment. They prefer you to be home with them. Like the Siamese, Burmese can be vocal, but usually only when something is dangerously wrong, like empty food dishes. Then they’ll repeat their complaint until you take care of the catastrophe. They can be very expressive with a variety of communicative meows to let you know what they want. Burmese are also determined and willful. Once they have started on a course of action – such as climbing up on the table or sitting on your lap– you might as well give in and accept the inevitable.

Reasons Why Cats Are Intelligent

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