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Our question this week was:

Our cat is three years old and he is sleeping a lot in the past three days and we are finding vomit/hairballs in the mornings. Should we be worried? His sister isn’t having the same problems. He isn’t going to the bathroom more often like he did when he had a UTI. He is a siamese/egyptian mix.

Daniel Nelson


Hi – thanks for your email. It could be a problem. There are lots of reasons for vomiting – maybe it is something as simple as hairballs.

You can get some hairball medications and use as directed to see if that helps. Also, pay very close attention to see if he is eating. Lack of appetite would also be a sign to worry about. Offer fresh food and water and keep a close eye on him.

Cats always worry me because they are very good at hiding that they are sick so any subtle sign of problems, I tend to check it out. The safest thing to do is to have him checked out by your veterinarian.

An article that might be helpful to you is on our is Vomiting in Cats and Why Do Cats Get Hairballs?

Best of luck!

Dr. Debra

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