How Much Cat Litter Should You Put in the Kitty Litter box?

How Much Cat Litter Should You Put in the Kitty Litter box?

Litter box, litter pan, litterbox…no matter what you call it, almost all cats use one. How much litter should you put in it is a very important question and can affect how consistently your cat uses it.

It's important to remember that every cat is different and prefers different things. Some cats like lots of litter while others prefer a shallow pan. Some cats take forever to dig and dig to find the perfect spot. Other cats won't use the bathroom unless they can touch the bottom of the pan.

Not sure what your cat likes? This is what I recommend:

Fill a clean litter box with unused litter. Tilt the box so the litter is deeper on one side than the other. You will want it to be 6-7 inches on one side and 2-3 inches on the other side.

Once you've done this, put it in a quiet corner and watch where your cat goes when they use it. Does he or she like the deep end or the shallow end? Do they scratch a long time, kick out lots of litter, or prefer to stand on the edge of the box as they "answer Nature's call"?

After you've seen what your cat likes you can start preparing their litter box. Add or remove litter as your cat prefers. If your cat likes lots of litter but kicks it out, you may want to get a covered or high-walled litter box. Please note that if you have multiple cats, they may have different preferences. If that's the case you should have multiple boxes; you can even set up different boxes with different depths.

I hope this helps you understand how much litter in the box your cat likes.