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How Often Should I Scoop The Litter Box?

One very common question is: “How often should you scoop the litter box?” Cat lovers both new and experienced wonder about this.

The litter box (also known as the litter pan) is an important part of a cat’s life. Most cats are extremely sensitive to the condition of their litter box. It should be kept clean and appealing at all times.

Cats prefer using clean litter and should never have to struggle to find a clean place to eliminate in a dirty box. When a litter box is too full, cats will frequently find another place to urinate-often in inappropriate places.

So really, how often do you need to scoop the litter box? It depends on how many boxes and how many cats you have. Personally I like to scoop once daily and don’t let the box collect more than 5 clumps of waste.

You may find that you have to scoop more frequently than this if you have only 1 or 2 boxes, or more than one cat. It’s OK if so. It’s better to be too clean than not clean enough. Your cat will thank you when you scoop the litter box!