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Is This Normal? You’re Quick Kitty Reference Guide

Let’s be honest; cats can be weird. They’re seemingly boneless balls of fluff that are constantly trying to decide if they want to be pet or not. Cat’s can do some weird behaviors to the point that you’ve probably found yourself wondering “Is this normal?” at least once a week.


Yup, you read that right – cats can drool! After a long snuggling session, you may look down to find that your sweater has a new wet spot courtesy of a very happy cat. Cats can drool for a variety of reasons, some good and some bad. A good rule of thumb is the thumb rule. If the wet spot made from your cat drooling is larger than your thumb than you may want to consult your vet. Common causes of drooling in cats can include Feline Rhinotracheitis Virus (herpes), cancer, dental disease, fear, or trauma. But as mentioned earlier, drooling can be a sign of happiness – either they love how you are petting them, or they’ve found the perfect sleeping spot.


While more common in dogs than in cats, some cats can snore. According to our vet expert Dr. Debra, some breeds tend to snore more, such as Persians, because their nostrils are very small, causing tissue movement when they breathe, which leads to snoring. Some cats will snore if they are obese or if they have an obstruction due to a sinus obstruction, are suffering from allergies, or a have a polyp. To be on the safe side Dr. Debra recommends that you have your cat examined by a vet if your cat’s snoring is persistent.

Sleeping in weird positions

Cats can sleep up to 16 hours a day! Nobody’s quite sure why cats sleep so much. Cats evolved from predators and hunters and have maintained their crepuscular nature – meaning that they are most active at dawn and dusk. A cat’s diet can play a large role in a cat’s sleeping pattern; the better the diet, the more natural the sleep pattern. Today’s average house cat is also prone to sleeping out of boredom. A cat’s spine can rotate more than most other animals; this allows for them to get into some pretty odd sleeping positions. So if you find your cat hanging upside down off a table while sleeping, that’s perfectly normal.

Licking Plastic Bags

Another very odd quirk: licking plastic bags. There’s no conclusive reason as to why cats lick plastic bags, but our vets have come up with many compelling theories. One of the most obvious answers to the great plastic bag debate is the theory that plastic bags absorb the smells of the items that which they contained.

Some believe that cats will lick plastic bags because the sound created mimics that of rodents running through leaves and grass. On a more concerning note, your cat could be licking bags due to pica. Pica is the term used when animals eat non-food materials. Common materials include plastic bags, wool, fleece, and stuffed animals. Dogs more commonly suffer from pica than cats, but cats are still susceptible.

Eating Grass

Once again we turn to our veterinarian expert Dr. Debra. Dr. Debra has this to say about cats eating grass. “One explanation for cat’s desire to eat grass is that in their wild hunting days they normally ate the entire animal when they caught it. Many of their “kills” were herbivores (plant eaters), and cats ended up eating a lot of grass and plants that were in the stomachs and intestines of these animals.” Dr. Debora says that is your cat is getting a good quality balanced diet, is active, having normal urine and bowel movements, and is not vomiting, then eating grass is just fine.

Carrying Food from their bowl

Has this ever happened to you; you fill your cat’s bowl with yummy food and then put it down for him to eat only to watch your cat stick his paw in the food bowl, drag some food out, and then run away with it. So what’s up with that? Well, there are a couple of reasons why your cat could be performing this strange behavior. When your cat was little it jockeyed with its brothers and sisters to get the best position for feeding time; sometimes these instincts can carry over into adulthood. Once your cat has secured his food, he may wish to run away with it to find what he thinks is the best location to eat it in.

Sometimes when a new cat is introduced to a household or a household is home to more than one cat, cats will secure their food and then run off to different locations to ensure that they get enough to eat. This instinct is reminiscent of the survival of the fittest mindset. Lastly, your cat may be taking food out of its food bowl because he wishes to eat closer to you. In this situation, your cat probably considers you to be the pride leader of the house and is looking for extra safety while he eats.

Is This Normal?

Does your cat do any of these odd behaviors? Share your cat’s funny quirks with us in the comments below. If you have further questions about what’s normal in regards to your cat’s behavior, check out our online library comprised of over 10,000 veterinary approved articles. If you are ever truly in doubt as to whether your cat’s behavior is normal or abnormal, don’t be afraid to give your vet a call. While most of the time these odd behaviors will end up being harmless quirks, they could possibly be indicators of larger health issues. When in doubt give your vet a shout.