A dog and baby learn to get a long.

Preparing Your Pets for a Newborn Baby

Bringing a new baby into the home is a huge adjustment for all involved, especially your pets. There are preparatory measures that can be taken in the weeks and months leading up to your baby’s homecoming that can help your pet through this adjustment phase. Consulting with a professional trainer can also help you create a training regimen.

Here are some helpful tips to prepare your pet for their new sibling.

Ways to Prepare Before the New Arrival:

What to Do on the Day of the Baby’s Arrival

What to Do Moving Forward

Maintain alone time with your pet. Carve out a portion of the day to conduct your normal routine with your pet. If your cat loves afternoon play time, try to stick to these rituals, and keep routines consistent. Make sure you maintain the special relationship that you and your pet shared before the new addition.

Calm your cat by installing pheromone dispensers, which are undetectable to humans, but help minimize stress for felines. Plugging these in before stress occurs is more effective than waiting until your cat shows signs of anxiety.

The most important detail concerning first and subsequent interactions between your pet and baby is that they are supervised. Safety is always the top priority, and you should never force your pet to interact with a baby or child. Pets should not be cornered or feel trapped around babies/children, and should always have space to get away and retreat to their safe space. As your new baby grows up, their interactions should continue to be monitored. As your baby’s mobility increases it can be harder for your pet to have a safe place to retreat to.