Psychic Connections with Your Cat

Ever wish you knew what your cat was thinking and feeling? If the answer is a resounding "yes!" you might want to open your inner eye to psychic communication. It may sound strange, but one pet owner decided to give it a try.

Theresa Todd, a cat lover in Northern California, tuned into her 15-year-old orange-and-white cat, Alex, and tried to psychically connect. She was having a particularly bad day. She plopped on the bed, pulled up the comforter and silently "talked" to her cat. She thought, "Al-lex, here Alex. I want your company," and he appeared immediately. "He jumped up on me and laid his warm, furry body on my belly. It was such a comfort," she recalls.

"I was shocked! Was this really happening? Was it just coincidence?"

Animal psychics nationwide, and many of the people they have helped to make a connection with their pets, says it's no coincidence. By using psychic or telepathic animal communication, you can talk to cats through inner sight, sound and feelings, they claim. They're not talking about hearing your cat meow or reading his body language. It's about transmitting an unseen message on a wavelength we share with our animals–a telepathic channel we can all find.

We All Have the Ability

Pet psychic Raphaela Pope doesn't doubt that Alex "heard" his owner when she called and understood her distress. "Can anyone do it? Yes," she says, "I believe we are all born with the ability to communicate telepathically. Most of us suppress the ability when adults around us say, 'Johnny, the cat can't talk.' But yes, cats can!"

Animal communication is nothing new. Many people worldwide have an oral history of talking to the animals, going way, way back in time. St. Francis of Assisi, who lived from 1182 to 1226, was one of many figures in history who is well-known for his ability to talk to all creatures, great and small.

The interest in animal communication resurfaced about 30 years ago and is now an international trend, according to animal communicator Penelope Smith of Point Reyes, California. She discovered in 1971 that animals could be helped to get over problems using the same counseling techniques that help humans. Her two degrees in the social sciences, and experience in human counseling, has helped her contact thousands of animals.

"The majority of humans do not understand the capacity of animal mind energy," says Sonya Fitzpatrick of Houston, Texas, a pet psychic and behavior consultant. A hearing loss as a child made it easier for Fitzpatrick to communicate with animals than humans. She adds, "People don't realize that there is an interface, something unseen that exists between humans and animals, a telepathic channel we can all access to fully communicate with the animals we love."

Why communicate with your cat? "It deepens the bond of love, intimacy and respect between you and your animal," answers Pope. And let's face it, we cat lovers want to know all kinds of things about our pet's health, behavior, likes and dislikes. It would be great if we could just ask.

Animal Communication 101

You can sharpen your telepathic skills and learn to speak cat. Pope learned how to do it more than 13 years ago, when she went to a workshop designed to help ordinary people discover and develop their ability to communicate with animals.

Basic animal communication workshops teach pet owners how to connect with their animals in new ways and understand how to solve litter box issues, introduce new animals to the household, treat a sick cat and other common problems. Advanced courses can help those who want more telepathic knowledge, experience and advice. Some workshops are held at a community center, others in a pet psychic's home.

How long will it take before you can communicate with your cat? "It depends on the person's state of readiness and experience when they begin. It can happen instantly on reading a book or through the experience of an eight-hour basic workshop," explains Smith. But it can also take a long time. Remember, cats speak a different language.

Communication can take place on many different levels, from the simple thought that Theresa sent Alex to complex images that cats send to their owners. "I receive communications through images, feelings and words," says April Barnes, a pet owner in Fairbanks, Alaska. "In my cat Nikki's case, I got words as well as images."

"Animals, though quite intelligent, are only interested in things that matter to them, such as their families, their next meal, their next romp or where they're hurting," says Fitzpatrick. "But they still convey the entire range of thought and feeling when they communicate, and are able to make their wishes understood quite readily through the use of vocalization, body language and, though their owners may not be aware of it, telepathic communication.

The Evidence of Experience

The profound experiences of cat owners are the best proof of psychic animal communication. Melanie Zucker of Albuquerque, New Mexico, for instance, faced losing two senior Siamese cats, littermates Lucifer and Taboo. Zucker got her cats' message loud and clear thanks to the guidance of pet psychic Pope, who received the info through "a blast of awareness" which included images, thoughts, impressions and feelings.

"Lucifer was 17 1/2 and had been diagnosed with cancer, and had gone through some treatments," Zucker recalls. "In August we could tell he was on the downhill slide. We had called Raphaela Pope because we knew he was starting to leave us. We were concerned about if he was in any pain and wanted to know how his sister was doing. We asked Lucifer if he could hang in there until my roommate Marlene's birthday, which was a couple of weeks away. He said, 'I will be here for four weeks.' I marked it on my calendar and it was four weeks to that day he passed away. Immediately after he passed on, we had another reading and Taboo said she would stay another four weeks. It was four weeks to the day, and then she left."

Did this cat connection help Zucker? "Once Lucifer said, 'I'm leaving in four weeks,' it helped me let go," she says. Zucker still isn't confident in her own animal communicator abilities, but she's convinced that the phenomenon is real.

10 Tips to Tune In to Your Kitty

Our pet psychics recommend following these suggestions to help you to read kitty's mind:

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