Saying Good-Bye: Pet Funerals for Cats

You have countless happy memories. You have photos, toys, beds, bowls, and collars. Most importantly, you have a special place in your heart which will always belong to that unforgettable cat. When your cat departs for the Rainbow Bridge, how will you use those memories to honor his life? Will you create a collage of his photos, plant a memorial tree in your backyard, place his ashes and a paw print on your mantle? Or will you memorialize your cat as we do our beloved human family members – with a funeral service?

Is a Funeral Right for Your Cat?

How you choose to memorialize your cat is a very personal decision. You must consider such things as finances, how you regard your cat, what will be best for your family's personal needs (especially children), and the individual way you grieve.

A pet funeral is a significant financial commitment and is typically held for a cat who was truly an important, cherished member of the family. Funeral services are ideal for cats who will have many people (and even pets) wanting to pay their final respects. This type of memorializing is for those who embrace their emotions and prefer the support of others during a difficult time.

Along with cherished family pets, pet funerals may also be a valuable memorial for therapy, guide, search and rescue, and police dogs, and other working dogs who have touched many lives.

Plan Ahead

Pet memorial centers are a new and growing idea, so it may be difficult to find one in your area. If considering a professional memorial service for your pet, consider making those arrangements now –before you are facing the stress of pet loss. Search the Internet for memorial centers, talk to your veterinarian, and talk to your local human funeral service (some will do pet services, or they may direct you to one who can).

Talking with professionals in the pet memorial service will allow you to properly prepare ahead of time for the perfect service to honor your pet. It will also significantly relieve extra stress during your time of grief. You can consider the details and decide if a funeral is right, if burial or cremation is preferred, what memorabilia you would like, etc.

The Funeral Service

Like a funeral for a person, a pet funeral can be as personal as you like. The cat can be placed in a special casket, designed for animals, for family and friends to view and pay respects. The pet can be surrounded by photos and other memories. Someone can officiate with others sharing stories, poems, music, etc. From there, the pet can be cremated or buried, with the final resting place to be determined by the family.

Pet Memorial Centers

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