Six Places to Hide Your Litter Box

How can you hide your cats litterbox? If you are tired of smelling or tripping over your cat's litter box, there are a few innovative solutions you can try.

However, before deciding on a new place for your cat litter box, it's important to know what is important for your cat.

Here are some tips on hiding your cats litter box:

Litter Box Rules

Location, location, location, just like in real estate, is also vital to successful litter box training. If your cat doesn't like the litter box's placement, he may not use it. For example, if you place the litter box too close to the cat's food and water dishes, the cat may avoid the box. Cats don't like to eat and eliminate in the same area. If the box is inconveniently located – say, down in the basement or on the top floor – kitty may find it too much trouble to get there, or may not be able to reach it in time. If the box is located so kitty has to brave some stressor to get there, such as a loud appliance or a dominant cat's territory, he may find a safer place to eliminate.

If you obey these litter box rules, you can adapt them to your own living quarters in a functional and attractive way. Here are a few solutions for hiding your kitty litter box:

I hope these tips help you hide our cats litter box.