Ten Reasons to Feel Lucky for Your Cat

Ten Reasons to Feel Lucky for Your Cat

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! It’s a day of donning green, partying with your Irish or pseudo-Irish friends, and feeling lucky. If you’re fortunate enough to share your home with a cat this St. Patty’s Day, perhaps you will take a few moments to reflect on the reasons you are lucky to have a kitty sidekick.

Listed below are a few reasons I feel lucky to have a wonderful, feline family member.

1. I can count on a smile every morning when she yells at me with a great big “MEOW” the second I get out of bed. This will continue until someone fills her food bowl and acknowledges her royal presence.

2. There isn’t much more relaxing then her sitting in my lap, purring contently.

3. Who needs to pay for a massage at the spa when you have a cat making therapeutic “biscuits” on your back.

4. On those lazy days when I am feeling guilty for doing nothing around the house, I can take one look at my cat catching her 17th hour of sleep that day and feel much better about myself.

5. On days when I am way too busy and stressed, my cat’s laid-back nature reminds me to take a moment to relax.

6. Now and then she leaves me sweet gifts lying around, her whiskers. They warm my heart, and I collect them in a keepsake box.

7. Even before the dogs greet me when I return home, my kitty greets me, peering out the window as I enter the driveway.

8. Much easier than walking the dogs, I can exercise my cat by simply shining a laser pointer around the room.

9. Being a cat, she is mysterious and fascinating. She keeps me wondering what goes on inside that brain of hers.

10. While my dogs love me unconditionally, my cat humbles me by making me work for her affection. I enjoy a good challenge!