Tiny Hunters: 5 Traits Your Cat Shares with Its Wilder Brothers



They Pounce

All cats have predatory instincts. They silently stalk their prey until they find the right time to pounce. Wildcats look just like a massive version of your kitty when they pounce on their prey. They bow down with their hindquarters in the air and their faces low. Just before they’re ready to take off, they wiggle their behinds.  

They Play

Cats do the craziest things. You’ve probably smiled as you’ve witnessed your cat tumbling around with a ball or batting at a feather. Like humans and dogs, cats continue to play as they grow into adulthood. You may have heard that kittens practice necessary life skills through play. Adult cats play too, though.

Play has many benefits for your cat. It helps them develop and maintain coordination. Play gives cats exercise and can help cats learn about cause-and-effect. Additionally, it can also teach cats social rules and help them bond. Finally, it can relieve stress. Cats that don’t get enough playtime may be quirky and aggressive.

Your Cat’s Wild Personality

All feline personalities are different. Your cat might stalk around the house acting like she owns the place while your neighbor’s kitty just lies in the window all day accepting belly rubs. If you’ve ever watched a tiger at the zoo or on YouTube, you’ve probably noticed that wildcats have distinct attitudes too. All cats are hardwired with certain traits, and they’re an evolutionary wonder. They’re strong-willed creatures, and you’ll never be able to dominate a cat. Encourage the healthy natural instincts, and get to know your pet. You’ll be amazed at what you see.



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