What Cats Teach About Love

There are a lot of cat lovers out there that wouldn't dream of having only one cat. Many of us live in multiple cat households. Why not? We cat lovers know how much a cat can bring into our homes and that more cats mean more feline fun. It seems we can learn a lot from our furry companions and I'm not the only one that thinks this. I just read a wonderful story from a woman who explained just what her six cats mean to her and what they have brought to her home.

Cynthia Pace in Elgin, Illinois writes about being a proud keeper of six cats. All of her cats are like children to her. She says she grew up as an old child and isn't really a loner at all. She ha many human friends and is outgoing, but Cynthia is very clear on how different the type of friendship her cats give her is. They have never given her anything but joy and have never disappointed her the way that human friends sometimes can.

Cynthia wonders if some people don't realize what unconditional love a cat can give. Cats are often depicted as selfish or even conniving. Many people who don't care for cats also think that training them is impossible. Cynthia says that this couldn't be further from the truth.

She ways that she has learned that if you show cats unconditional acceptance and love up front, then they will be affectionate and may even follow instruction. Her cats know that when Cynthia raises her voice or gives them a dirty look that they need to knock off whatever they are doing. Her cats understand too that they are her number one priority and she gives them plenty of care and attention. They trust her completely. So they also give her lots of attention if she is ill or sad.

Cynthia thinks that maybe the lesson here is that when we extend love to others that the likelihood is that we will get the love back ten-fold. This can be a hard lesson to hang on to in the human world, but our cats are there to remind us daily. Cynthia's cats have taught her to trust her instincts and open up to give love to others as much as possible.

She wonders if people who aren't cat lovers are missing out on the wonderful lessons of love that cats have to share. Maybe they are and we should share with others the wonderful things that our felines have brought into our lives.

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