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What Does Your Cat Say About You?

Cat owners and cat lovers come in all shapes, sizes and personalities. But does having a certain cat say something about you? Some say “yes”. Check out what your cat says about you!

Domestic Shorthair – Most domestic shorthaired cat owners found or were given a “stray” somewhere along the way. They are often generous and kind with a predominant quiet side to their personalities that allows them to enjoy curling up and reading a book or enjoy the quiet times of watching television with their cats.

Domestic Longhair – Most domestic shorthaired cat owners also rescued their cat in one manner or another. These cat owners are often generous and kind with a both a quiet and slightly “wild” side to their personalities. They can fluxuate between a quiet night and a wild party if given the chance.

Persian – Most Persian owners are laid back, affectionate and very caring people. They are generally considered sweet by their friends and are generally also very loyal.

Maine Coon – Maine coon owners are generally cool cucumbers. They are nice, laid back and generally good people. They are strong and generally provide a good support system for their families.

Exotic – Most Exotic owners are “interesting”. They like traditional “things” in life but are willing to explore the less traditional things and ideas. They are generally curious and interested in other people as well as life in general.

Siamese – Siamese owners can come in all kinds of personalities. They are generally social and have a great sense of humor. They are generally quite polished individuals that have a good eye for design and art. They are gregarious and often have good and loyal friends.

Abyssinian – Abyssinian owners are often busy active people who enjoy being entertained by a good movie or television show (or the antics of a very interesting cat)! They are generally inquisitive people that strive to understand “why” things may work they way they do.

Ragdoll – Ragdoll owners may be considered mysterious by some friends or neighbors. They are interesting people with a passion for life.

Birman – Owners of the Birman are often interested in art and sculpture. They like design elements in their homes and lives and strive to keep a tidy household.

Oriental – Oriental owners are often have enthusiastic personalities and are well liked by friends and neighbors. They would prefer to eat good quality food rather than fast food and likes to take time to stop and “smell the roses”.

American Shorthair– American shorthair owners are often very good and kind people who enjoy tradition such as the wonderful tradition of family dinners or family celebrations.

Tonkinese – Owners of the Tonk are often popular people full of joy and a zest for life. They are gregarious and fun loving and a pleasure to be around.

These generalizations are just that, generalizations that were created to be fun and are not written to offend anyone. Sammy and Pepper are two cats that carry a lot of cat owner wisdom. They routinely contribute to Sammy is a 10 year old Maine coon and Pepper is a 2 year old domestic short hair that rules the roost.