What is the Best Way Make an Outdoor Cat Use the Cat Litter Box?

What is the Best Way Make an Outdoor Cat Use the Cat Litter Box?

What is the Best Way Make an Outdoor Cat Use the Cat Litter Box?

Do you want to train your outdoor cat to use the cat litter box? What can make cat litter boxes more appealing for your pet? This is an issue that comes up when people adopt an outdoor cat or want their current outdoor cat to live inside instead.

Sometimes this change is very easy. Some outdoor cats need little encouragement will immediately start using a litter box without any hesitation. Other cats may take some convincing before they will use one.

One consideration is where your cat prefers to go to the bathroom when they're outside. Do they like sand? Pine needles? Fine soil? Watching your cat when they're outside can give you clues to their behavior. Once you know, you can try to match the texture of their litter to the textures they prefer in nature.

For example, if your cat likes sand and fine dirt they might prefer a small-grain wheat-based litter. If your cat was going in coarse soil, scoopable clay litter could be a good choice.

If your cat is reluctant to use the litter box the following tips can help:

  • Try clumping clay litter. Many cats like the texture and it is very affordable.
  • Try a second litter box with scoopable unscented litter. Artificial scents are very off-putting for a lot of cats and they may refuse to use a scented litter.
  • As a last resort, you can try filling a litter box with clean sand or dirt to entice your cat to use it. Later you can gradually change to regular little by very slowing mixing in a small amount of litter to the sand or dirt. Do this gradually over 3 – 4 weeks and add a little more litter each time until they are using regular litter all the time.

    Remember, let your cat decide how quickly they want to use the litter box and give them lots of options until you know what they like. Don't rush the process and don't change too much at once.

    I hope this article gives you some tips on how to get your outdoor cat to use the litter box.

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