What Is the Best Way to Clean Cat Urine Out of Carpet?

What Is the Best Way to Clean Cat Urine Out of Carpet?

What Is the Best Way to Clean Cat Urine Out of Carpet?

Cat urine in carpet: how can you remove it? If you've ever had to clean stubborn cat urine from carpets and upholstery, you know how difficult it can be. When cats urinate outside their litter box this can be one of the hardest things to deal with.

We are vets but we're also cat lovers, and we know how frustrating this can be. Here are our tips on cleaning cat urine out of carpet from our own homes.

  • If the area is wet, soak up as much of the liquid as possible with plain paper towels.
  • Once it is as dry as it can get, use a product that enzymatically breaks down or neutralizes the urine odor molecules. If cats can smell urine they're bound to urinate there again. My very favorite product for this is Zero Odor. My next favorite group is Urine-off and Nature's Miracle. Other choices include Anti Icky Poo (AIP), eSeaYu Petrotech Odor Eliminator, Odorban, Odornil, and Nilodor.
  • Don't skimp on the amount of product that you use, especially on the padding under the carpet. The wet spot on top may seem small but some carpet experts suggest that the amount of soiled padding can be 20 times bigger than the area on top. Think of it this way: if you have ever spilled a cup of water on the floor, the initial spot might seem reasonable but you can blot up water for several inches to a foot around that area.
  • It is critical to find all areas where your cat urinated outside of the litter box and treat them effectively to prevent your cat from going back to that area. You might want to buy a handheld black light to find all of the soiled areas. Urine glows green or yellow under UV light and this can be a very effective way to find soiled spots.

    I hope this information helps you clean cat urine out of carpet. Remember these important cat urine cleaning tips for a happier cat and home.

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