What Is the Best Way to Find a Cat Urine Accident?

What Is the Best Way to Find a Cat Urine Accident?

Cat urine accidents can be hard to locate and treat. Some cats will urinate outside the litter box in many different places and it can be difficult to find those locations to clean them all.

Dealing with cats that pee outside the litter box poses multiple challenges. To treat this problem, the first step is to find all the soiled areas.

It is critical to appropriately treat all areas to eliminate the urine odor smell and prevent your cat from returning to that area to urinate again. If your cat smells urine in an area where he or she has soiled before it will be tempting to use that again as the new litter box.

The information below will help you find cat urine accidents in your home:

1. Sometimes finding the area is as simple as watching your cat and catching them in the act. This doesn't always work but does happen.

2. Do your own sniff test. You can do this by getting down on your hands and knees and smelling the carpet. This can be difficult and tedious but it really is critical to find the urine spots.

3. Use a urine locator black light, which causes urine the glow green or yellow. These come in a variety of sizes and styles; I recommend larger models that look like a small flashlight. They highlight urine and spray that is invisible to the naked eye and work on carpet, flooring, concrete, walls, furniture, mattresses and more.

Remember – finding the cat urine accident locations is only the first step. The next one is to treat those areas. For more information on getting rid of cat urine odors and cleaning, go to INSERT LINK.

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I hope this article helps you find and clean areas where your cat has urinated outside the litter box.