What is the Best Way to Switch Cat Litters?

What is the Best Way to Switch Cat Litters?

Sometimes clients want to know about switching cat litter and changing cat litter brands. What is the best way to change the type of litter your cat uses?

Before you change your cat's litter, think about this: many cats are very particular about the kind of litter they prefer. They really like a certain smell and texture, and a big change can upset them. A big reason why cats won't use the litter box is that they don't like the type of litter.

My recommendation is that if a cat is using a litter and there is not a problem, don't change your cat's litter. A new kind might be cheaper but your cat might react badly to it.

If you are changing litters the best approach is a gradual one. Don't change the litter "cold turkey" all at once. The first time you use a new litter, keep 95% of the original litter and only add 5 % new litter. If your cat likes it, the next time you change the litter add 10% new type and 90% old type. Continue this process (as long as your cat keeps using it) until you eventually are using 100% new litter.

Another option is to add a new litter box to the house with the new litter. Don't do anything different with the old litter or litter box. Let your cat decide and gradually get used to the new box and litter. Let them use it before starting the gradual approach as indicated above to the "old" litter box.

Inappropriate urination is such a huge behavioral problem in cats that most behaviorists and veterinarians don't recommend a change unless there is a good reason.

There are several reasons cats won't use the litter box and the type of litter is only one consideration. Other factors include the litter box location, scent of the litter, litter box style, and depth of the litter just to name a few reasons some cats won't use the litter box. For more information, read Top 14 Reasons Why Your Kitty Won't Use the Litter Box.

I hope this article helps you know more about the best way to switch cat litters.