What Kind of Cat Person Are You?

Ever wonder what your cat says about you? Chances are, that fearless friend, chatty companion, clever kitty, or playful puss is a purr-fect animal sign of your real female self. That's right, your beloved cat is a mirror reflection of your mind, body, romance and more!

The Cat Fancier's Association recognizes 41 pedigreed breeds, but not all of them may be ideal for the relationship with the man in your life. Pets writer Cal Orey (www.calorey.com), teamed up with two relationship experts–Dr. Ava Cadell, and Lou Paget, to find out how the traits behind a cat woman's feline can make or break a love connection with a man.

Persian (Balinese, Ragdoll, Turkish Angora)

Kitty's Traits and Temperament: Persians, the most popular of pedigreed cats in America, are docile felines noted for their thick and soft coat and affectionate behavior–perfect for apartment living. Tagged "couch potatoes," – these fun-loving pussycats are a perfect match for a career-oriented woman who takes pride in her and her cat's regal appearance.

Why You Adore This Breed: Easygoing Persians draw a gentle, elegant, intelligent woman looking for intimacy, notes Los Angeles, CA-based Dr. Ava Cadell. Both cat and woman love presentation and being the center of attention, adds relationship guru Lou Paget of Beverly Hills.

How It Affects Your Love Life: Naturally, a loud, aggressive man would be a turn-off to this gentle, sweet-tempered cat lover. Both Paget and Dr. Cadell agree that a loving man who is in touch with his feminine side would make this pair purr.

Siamese (Bombay, Egyptian Mau, Tokinese)

Kitty's Traits and Temperament: Affectionate, intelligent, and talkative, the Siamese are sleek cats with striking blue eyes. These handsome animals grab the gal's eye who enjoys cat chat, and can tolerate attention-grabbing yowling demands.

Why You Adore This Breed: A woman who owns a Siamese likes the breed because they can actually communicate and play together, says Dr. Cadell. "It is the closest cat to being a dog."

How It Affects Your Love Life: "A physically and emotionally healthy man who is comfortable communicating his needs, desires and fears," is a good catch for a Siamese cat lover. But caution, insecure men will not be leaping for joy with a cat and woman who speak out.

Abyssinian (American Wirehair, Chartreux, Cornish Rex)

Kitty's Traits and Temperament: Abyssinians or "Aby"s are action-oriented, go-cats. No lap cat here, "agile athlete" describe this puss. Also, this loyal feline has a playful side that will melt a woman's heart.

Why You Adore This Breed: Women who prize loyalty and trust in a relationship will fall in love with this cat. Its uniqueness–large ears, large almond-shaped eyes, common ruddy color, and long tai–will draw attention to the opposite sex.

How It Affects Your Love Life: Abyssinian lovers, like their cats, will want to be admired for being different. A man that can put this cat woman on a pedestal will be a good fit, says Dr. Cadell. "He must treat her like the Goddess she think she is."

Burmese (American Curl, Singapura, Somali)

Kitty's Traits and Temperament: Attention-seeking, curious, and frisky, these cats have compact bodies and soft, glossy coats. Not vocal (unless neglected), they don't like to be left alone and are known as "Velcro cats."

Why You Adore This Type: The Burmese is a perfect kitty for the woman who works and plays out of her home. "A quiet, sophisticated woman who enjoys mental seduction," says Dr. Cadell, is this cat's best friend. The Burmese is a big game-player and will amuse its fun-loving mistress.

How It Affects Your Love Life: An intellectual type of man will fit into the lifestyle of a woman with a Burmese. "It's a similar mental energy between the two of them," says Paget. A man who isn't cultured and refined would bore both woman and cat into the doghouse.

Maine Coon (Norwegian Forest Cat, Manx, Scottish Fold)

Kitty's Traits and Temperament: A big, muscular, long shaggy coated cat is what you get with a Maine Coone. These pussycats, which resemble a racoon, are good-natured and softhearted–a family cat.

Why You Adore This Type: "A very independent woman who prizes special relationships," says Paget, will love the mighty Maine Coon. Feminine ladies who also like bubble baths will love this curious cat because it will be fascinated by water.

How It Affects Your Love Life: This cat and its woman is for the guy who has the ability to be flexible and will not always be the center of attention. A rigid man will make this duo miserable because this is a cat and woman who know that they want, explains Paget.

Mixed-Breed (Domestic Shorthair, Domestic Longhair, Purebred-Crosses)

Kitty's Traits and Temperament: The mixed-breed a.k.a. "the random-bred cat," is the most popular cat of all. Mixed-breeds may resemble their purebred cousins but due to the unknown origin of their roots, their nature can be a pleasant surprise and a mix of multiple personalities.

Why You Adore This Type: A mixed-breed cat is a feel-good animal because you can rescue it at your local animal shelter. "Picking a mixed-breed is easier than having to make a perfect choice," says Dr. Cadell.

How It Affects Your Love Life: An easygoing guy who is flexible, good-natured and playful will embrace both mixed-breed cat lover and its owner, says Dr. Cadell. She adds. "A control freak or a guy who is too set in his ways," is not a great catch.