Why are Cats Finicky Eaters

Some cats are downright finicky when it comes to eating. Aggravating as that may sometimes be for you, it is another marvelous aspect of your cat that assures he will not poison themselves in the wild. Cats are predators, and in the wild they prey on whatever is available. This may include birds, small animals, such as mice, rabbits, and opossums, grasshoppers and other insects, fish and, on occasion, reptiles. Because cats can make do with a variety of food sources, they can always find a new food supply if the old is suddenly no longer available.

But your cuddly little pet gets the same safe food he has always enjoyed, his being finicky can become somewhat annoying. Cats like to eat fresh food and often, though a little at a time. They prefer a clean environment – dining out of clean bowls – in a place that is quiet and safe. If things are not to your cat's liking, he may turn up his nose and pass on dinner.

Skipping a meal is fairly safe, but skipping more than one meal could spell trouble. If your cat continually avoids food, there may be a reason besides normal finickiness. Illness or other physical problems may cause a cat to stop eating. If your cat suddenly doesn't want to eat, have him checked by your veterinarian to make sure that nothing physical is causing a loss of appetite.

There are several other reasons why your cat may have a ho-hum attitude at mealtime:

A little creativity and patience will help you keep your cat interested in her meals and keep your stress level down while trying to get your finicky feline friend to eat.